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Meet Tonto and Schatzi!

I love these two!! They are beautiful German Shepards that are full of personality and they absolutely love their walks.  We always have a blast :)

Tonto Grebe


Schatzi Grebe

Meet Ollie!

Ollie is an adorable mix (I think Shepard and lab maybe?) that is full of energy and personality!  He loves going on long walks and playing with his other four-legged neighbors at the park.

Ollie Law

That is one happy boy!

Meet Griffin and Willow!

Willow and Griffin were so much fun to take care of! Their parents have done SUCH a good job of training them and they are a joy to take out on a walks and play with :)  We had a blast!

Griffin and Willow Ross

They love posing for the camera

Meet Taco and Clancy!

Taco and Clancy are quite the pair!  Taco is a little Chihuahua with a BIG personality.  He is so much fun to be around.  Clancy is an adorable terrier that is a total sweetheart.

Taco and Clancy Krueger

The boys enjoying a walk :)

Meet Ruby, Rosie, Lucky, and Pete

I just love this group!  They are all rescues and they are all so sweet!!

Ruby Dorminy

Ruby is such a sweet little girl.  She is a little timid at first, but once she warms up to your she is a love bug :)

Rosie Dorminy

Miss Rosie – isn’t she beautiful?!?

Lucky Dorminy

Lucky is a very friendly and outgoing kitty.  I love getting to play with her :)

Pete Dorminy

Sweet Pete is an old man with so much personality and love.  He is a good boy!

Meet Lucy!

Lucy is a rescue mix (we are thinking terrier and something else?? what do you think?) with the sweetest personality.  She loves to play with her toys, eat, and get lots of belly rubs.  We had so much fun taking care of her!

Lucy MacAlister

Meet Charlie!

Charlie is our newest puppy client and we just LOVE getting to know this sweet girl.  She was recently rescued and we have no idea what she is, but boy is she a lot of fun!  She has tons of puppy energy and she loves running around the house like a wild woman.  She has wonderful parents that have already started working with a professional trainer so she is learning all kinds of commands and manners.  Yay for awesome puppy parents!

Charlie Browne

I just cannot get over how cute her little ears are!

Meet Twinkle and Bear

Meet our newest clients, Twinkle and Bear!  Bear is such a sweet boy and loves going on walks around the neighborhood.  As you can see in the photos, Twinkle loves surveying her house and sunning herself :)

Twinkle McKenzie


Twinkle is too cute!

Bear Mckenzie

Bear waiting for his after walk treat :)

Meet Levi!

Levi is an adorable Ragdoll kitten with so much energy!  He loves running around this house and playing with his toys.  We had a blast getting to know him.

Levi Deluce


Meet Lula!

Lula is a beautiful little goldendoodle with tons of energy! She loves to walk, play fetch, and get her belly rubs :)

Lula Keith

Meet Harley and Onyx!

I had so much fun getting to know our two newest clients, Harley and Onyx!  We went on beautiful walks on the beach every morning and played fetch in the yard every evening…they are living the life!

Harley Leonard

Harley is full of personality.  His favorite activities include chasing his soccer ball and going for long walks on the beach.  My kind of man :)

Oynx Leonard

Onyx is SO happy when she gets to chase her tennis ball!

Meet Max and Jeb!

Max and Jeb are two lab brothers with LOTS of personality!

Jab Jackson


Jeb loves to talk to you when you come in the house.  He’s very chatty :)

Max Jackson

Max loves getting attention and treats (and his big brother, Jeb)

Meet Molly!

Molly is a very sweet lab mix that I had the pleasure of hanging out with over the weekend.  She loves hanging out on the couch and getting her belly rubbed!

Molly Kinninger

Meet Hektor!

Hektor is an adorable Jack Russel that I had so much fun getting to know!  He has a somewhat serious personality, but once he opens up he is so much fun :)

Hektor Koren

Meet Emma, Cody, and Noelle!

Meet the trio!  These three labs are a riot!!

Cody Sommese

Cody has such a sweet face!  He is the middle child and LOVES going on walks on the beach :)

Noelle Sommese

Noelle is the baby of the family, but she doesn’t know it!  She is so well behaved!!

Emma Sommese

Miss Emma is the big sister and defiantly the boss of the group

Meet Allie!

Meet Allie, the newest member of our pack! She is a very sweet older girl that loves hanging out and getting belly rubs :)

Allie Moore

Meet Junior!

Junior is such a sweet and friendly kitty that loves his food :)

Junior Ferry

Meet Bailey

Bailey is a very sweet and beautiful Poodle.  She is a little shy at first, but once she warms up to you she is a complete sweetheart.  I loved getting to know this special little girl!

Bailey Acuri

Meet Grey!

Grey is a very sweet and affectionate kitty that I love taking care of!

Gery Faucette

Meet Bella!

Meet Bella!  She is an adorable old lady  that loves getting her belly rubbed.

Bella Martin

Meet Big and Little Foot!

A big dog and a little one…who could ask for anything else?  Meet our two newest dog walking clients!  I LOVE this pair.

Big Faucette

Big is a boxer/great dane mix who is a total sweetheart!

Little Foot Faucette


Litte foot is a beautiful Scottish terrier with lots of sass :)  He’s so fun!


Meet Wicket and Mia

Meet our two newest feline friends, Wicket and Mia!  They are both beautiful orange tabby that each have a personality of their own :)  Wicket is outgoing and extremely friendly, while Mia takes a little bit longer to warm up to new friends.  We had so much fun getting to know these two!

Wicket Comer

Wicket is one happy kitty

Mia Comer

Mia is so beautiful :)

Tips for bringing home a new kitten

A new kitten is such an exciting addition to your family! They are cute, cuddly, and full of energy. However, they do require a lot of care and attention.  Below I have listed the top ten things you can do to help integrate your new kitten into your family:

1.) Socialize your kitten as much as possible.

 I know what your thinking – what am I supposed to do, take my kitten to the cat park? Cats personalities are influenced by their genetics and their experiences. If you are buying a kitten, make sure the parents are social and affectionate and that the kittens have plenty of interaction with people and a simulating environment before you pick them up. If you are adopting a kitten, try to find a shelter that allows kittens to play with each other.  Pet Helpers and Charleston Animal Society are two great places to adopt kittens from locally!

2.) Train your kitten

Training your cat will most importantly strengthen the bond you have.  Kittens have a lot of energy, and training is an excellent way to give them a mental workout. You will be surprised how much this wears them out! All kittens vary of their level of train ability, but you can try clicker training them, teaching them to sit, teaching them to use a scratching post, and a lot of other useful tricks!

3.) Set limits for your kitten

Kittens, just like children, have to be taught what the rules of the house are. Be sure to shut any doors to rooms that you don’t want them to have access to. Whenever your kitten does a behavior that you don’t like, redirect them and reward them when they are doing something you like. For example, when your kitten jumps on the kitten counter, pick them up and move them to their cat tree and give them lots of praise for climbing on that. If you see your kitten chewing on your shoe, give them a toy instead and play with them for a couple minutes so they enjoying playing with the new toy. Also encourage good behavior when you see it! If you see your kitty using their scratching post, give him lots of praise and make a big deal about it.

4.) Kitten proof your house

Have your ever heard the phrase curiosity killed the cat? Well your kitten is going to have plenty curiosity to go around… Be sure to look up, down, and all around for potential hazards for your new kitty. This includes any cord, plastic bags, needles, or anything else they could possibly get into.

5.) Play with you kitten as much as possible

Most people understestimate the amount of energy a little kitten can have! Take a couple minutes and few times a day to engage your kitten in some activity.  Throw a ball down the hall, get your kitten bat a feather wand, or have them chase a laser pointer. Whatever is fun for you and your kitty!

6.) Teach your kitten not to use his teeth or claws on people

Although it can be adorable when your little fur ball is chewing on your finger now, it will not be so fun when your full grown cat is doing that. Whatever your kitten is doing unacceptable behavior such as scratching and chewing, redirect them to another method of play with toys or a laser pointer.

7.) Do not declaw your kitten unless you have no other option

Although people will argue both sides of this topic, it is my belief that declawing is an unnecessary procedure. If your kitten starts to spread or claw things, give them a scratching post covered in catnip or a fun game for them to stop the boredom that results in shredding.

8.) Identify your kitten with a collar and id tag, as well as a microchip

One out of every three pets gets lost at some point in its life. Having a collar, tags, and microchip can greatly increase your kitten’s chances of returning home. If your kitten gets away and loses his collar too, a microchip with be the only hope of someone returning you kitten to you. Most people have a microchip put in whenever they fix their pet.

9.) Fix your kitten

Speaking of fixing, there is no time like the present to get your little kitty spayed or neutered. Female kittens can start to reproduce as early as four months of age, so it is very important to get your kitten fixed ASAP. Speak with your vet about when your kitten is ready to be spayed or neutered and get that done! Kitten can be altered as early as 8 weeks old and they bounce back quickly.

10.) Buy pet insurance

It sounds crazy, but pet insurance can save your cats life. Not only does the insurance help cover the cost of routine check ups and vaccinations, but it can help cover the expense of a costly (an unexpected) surgery that you would otherwise not be able to afford. There are a couple companies out there, so do some research to see which  company will work best for you. I personally use VPI and I have been very happy with them.

I hope this helps you with your new kitten and as always, please call us with any way we can help you with your animals needs!


4th of July and Fireworks – How To Keep Your Dog Safe

the 4th of July is tomorrow and I know everyone is exciting to celebrate with family and friends!  Fireworks are one of the exciting parts of celebrating this holiday for people, but can be truly terrifying for your dog.  Some dogs seem like they don’t even notice the fireworks.  But if your dog is one that is  frightened by them, there are many things you can do to alleviate their stress while the fireworks are happening.


First, you need to be aware of whether or not your dog is stressed.  For most owners, this is not too difficult since you know your dog well.  According to the Animal Defense League, during a fireworks show a stressed dog will exhibit one, some, or all of these symptoms:

  • Shake or tremble uncontrollably
  • Bark or howl
  • Drool
  • Try to get out of the house if he is inside, or vise versa
  • Try to hide
  • Refuse to eat
  • Lose bladder and bowl control
  • Pace around the house


If you dog is stressed, there are several things you can to do help alleviate some of his stress and keep him safe during the holiday:

  1. Keep your dog indoors.  This is probably to most helpful and important thing you can do for your dog.  Please please please do not bring him to a fireworks show!  The loud booms and pops of the fireworks are only louder when you go outside, which is going to make your dog more stressed.  Keep your dog inside with all of the curtains drawn to help muffle the noise and light caused by the fireworks.
  2. Turn on the T.V. or radio.  This will help drown out the loud noises going on outside and hopefully keep your dog a little less reactive to the noises.
  3. Give your dog  something else to do to distract him.  Think about what your dog loves to do and try to accomindate that during the fireworks to keep his mind off of the noises.  Does he love toys?  Pick up a new toy for him (or a couple!) and give them to him when the fireworks start.  If he loves chewing, get him a brand new bone or a kong to fill up with some tasty peanut butter.  Anything that will get his mind off the fireworks.
  4. Keep a collar with a current tag on him throughout the evening. Many dogs panic during the fireworks and their minds go into flight mode.  If something where to happen and your dog escapes, you want him to have the best chance of returning home.  Make sure all of your information is current on his tags and that the collar fits securely.
  5. Give your dog comfort, but don’s  fuss.  It is great to pet your dog and comfort him during the fireworks, but don’t make a huge deal about it.  If you are stressing out…your dog will stress too.  Just remain calm and be upbeat!


Please have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!!





How to Prevent a Dog Bite

Dog bites can be an owner’s worst nightmare. They can not only lead to injuries, but the owner of the dog can be faced with significant costs in covering those medical expenses. The majority of dog bites happen in one of three ways:

  1. A dog bites someone waking/jogging/biking by on a busy street
  2. A dog gets into a fight with another dog and an owner tries to interfere and the owner gets bitten in the process
  3.  An owner allows their dog to be pet in public by a stranger

Luckily, most dog bites can be prevented if owners follow a few steps haven gun taking their dog out in public.

The first type of dog bite, occurring when someone is walking/jogging/biking by on a busy street, can be prevented by

  • Always keep you dog a safe distance away from anyone walking by.  There should be enough distance to make sure your dog cannot touch anyone walking  by, and vise versa.
  • Try to avoid waking your dog on heavily trafficked roads and streets and stick to quite streets.
  • Keep your dog on a short leash so that you have control of them in an emergency. If someone unexpectantly comes close to your dog, you I will not be able to control them in they have 5 feet of loose leash.

The second type of bite, caused by someone trying to break up a dog bite, can be avoided by

  • Avoid taking your dog to a dog park or other highly populated public areas unless you are 100% confident that your dog will never be aggressive toward another dog.
  • If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs, be sure you can walking them with the proper equipment so that you can control them if you come in contact with another dog during your walk. Make sure you have a harness, collar, or muzzle that is strong enough for you to contain your dog if they see another dog and get aggressive. If you are having this problem, I also highly recommend finding a dog trainer that specializes in these issues to help you with your dog.
  • If your dog does get into a fight, NEVER reach down and try to break them up. Instead, Make a loud noise (air horn, throw something on the ground, clap) that will distract them and get them to look at you or dump water on their heads.

This last type of bite, caused by letting a stranger pet your dog, is the easiest to avoid. Never let anyone pet your dog. If someone approaches, simply explain to them that they cannot pet your dog. You can you the excuse that you are practicing training your dog, that they are leash aggressive, or whatever makes you feel comfortable. By no means do you have to explain to anyone why they can’t pet your dog. They might think you are a grouch, but at least you will avoid a bite!

I hope this helps prevent any accidents from happening to you and your dogs!

photo (4)

Do you know when you dog is overheating?

The official start of summer is right around the corner, but the heat is already here in Charleston!  It is extremely important to make sure that your dog is safe and not overheating in this hot weather.  Dogs do not sweat like we do and they have a higher body temperature, so they can overheat very quickly.  Dog’s only ability to cool down is by panting and sweating a small amount through the pads of their feet and their nose.

These are some symptoms of overheating to watch out for while you have your dog out in the heat:

  • Heavy and/or rapid panting
  •  Increased pulse and heartbeat
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Glazed eyes
  • Staggering
  • Dark, dry gums
  • Excessive thirst
  • Excessive drooling
  • Weakness
  • Seizures

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important that you act quickly!  Overheating can lead to heatstroke, which is a serious and often fatal condition caused by an excessive rise in your dog’s body temperature.  Heatstroke can cause damage to the heart, brain, liver, and nervous system.


Once you notice the first signs of overheating, take the following steps:

  1. Immediately take your dog into an air conditioned place.
  2. Offer your dog fresh drinking water that is cold (but not ice cold – this will be a shock to his stomach!)
  3. Place a couple towels in cold water and drape them over your dogs stomach, arm pits, and neck.  Change these out frequently once they are not cold anymore.

If you dog’s breathing and panting does not improve quickly (within 15-20 minutes) take them to your vet.


Although heatstroke is scary to think about, there are a couple ways to prevent overheating

  • Limit outside activity during the hottest parts of the day and exercise you dog during the early morning or late evening.  During walks, try to stick to shaded paths.
  • Do not push your dog to exercise.  If your dog seems tired and worn out, do not push them to do more!  He is trying to tell you that he needs to cool off.
  • Provide plenty of fresh, cool drinking water at all times.  Water is the best way for your dog to regulate their body temperature, and they can easily become dehydrated in warm weather.
  • Avoid walking your dog on black pavement.  This is hard to remember since we are normally wearing shoes, but pavement gets HOT in warm weather!
  • NEVER leave your dog in the car!! Even in the shade, cars can heat up extremely quickly – even in just five minutes!


You can easily prevent your dog from overheating this summer, so be careful out there!

Meet Kaylee and Shamus!

I really enjoyed getting to know these two Shelties, Shamus and Kaylee.  They were a little shy at first, but once they warmed up to me it was so worth the wait.  They are such good dogs!

Kaylee Doyle

Kaylee patiently waiting for a treat :)

Shamus Doyle

I love sweet Shamus

Meet Maggie, Puccini, and Pavirotti!

I just love when I get to take care of new types of animals!  Puccini and Pavirotti are two absolutely beautiful canaries that love to sing.  It was so much fun getting to know them and learning how to take care of them.  Their sister, Maggie, is a happy little cavalier with lots of personality.

Maggie Kruesi

Maggie is so happy after our walk down the beach :)

Pavirotti Kruesi

Pavirotti posing for the camera!  He is so beautiful :)

Puccini Kruesi

Puccini waiting for a treat and showing off his beautiful yellow feathers

Meet Birdie!

Meet Miss Birdie!  She is the sweetest little Golden Doodle and is growing up so fast :) Her favorite activities include playing fetch in the yard, trying to dig holes in the yard, and getting her belly rubbed.  It has been so much fun getting to know her and watching her grow up.

Birdie Gaston

Birdie being perfect on her walk :)

Meet Sophie, Penny, Shem, and Dinky!

Meet our newest clients!  They are a very sweet bunch and we had so much fun getting to know them :)

Penny Dooley

Penny is a very sweet Cavalier that loves getting her belly rubbed and relaxing

Dinky Dooley

Dink, the little Pomeranian, is a wild woman!  Luckily we could capture a rare moment of her being still :)

Shem Dooley

Shem, the only boy in the group, is a Havanese that has tons of personality!

Sophie Dooley

Sophie is a beautiful greyhound that is enjoying the relaxing life of retirement.  Her favorite activity is napping :)

Dog Flu – What to do?

The University of Georgia has confirmed the an outbreak of the dog flu in metro Atlanta.  Although this is still far from us here in Charleston, dog owners should call their vet immediately if you see any of the following symptoms:

  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • fever
  • clear nasal discharge that changes to thick yellow discharge
  • difficulty breathing
  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite

Similar to the human flu, the spread of the dog flu can be greatly reduced if dog owners are diligent about washing their own hands and all of their dogs bedding, bowls, and anything else the dog comes into contact with.




Below is a letter from the University of Georgia released about Canine Influenza:

Canine Influenza Facts

Prepared by:

Kate Creevy, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Small Animal Internal Medicine), associate professor of internal medicine, Department of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery

Jeremiah Saliki, DVM, PhD, DACVM, director of the Athens Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and a professor of infectious diseases


What type of canine influenza do we have in Georgia?

On May 19, 2015, the Athens Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory determined that H3N2, a new strain of canine influenza responsible for an outbreak in the Midwest, was the cause of illness for a dog that had been diagnosed with canine influenza on May 15. This is the first positive case of canine influenza in Georgia.

There are two strains of canine influenza in North America:  H3N8, which was first documented in dogs in North America in 1999, and H3N2, which is the strain responsible for the 2015 outbreak in the Midwest.  A third strain, H5N2, is currently limited to China and spreads from dog-to-dog, but there has been no sustained spread of H5N2 through pet populations in China.


Why is it important for people to understand that there are three strains of canine influenza? And, can these viruses be transmitted to other animals or to people?

All influenza viruses are prone to recombination in co-infected hosts (termed “antigenic shift”), and this tendency is likely to continue to impact the emerging diversity of canine influenza strains. So over time, the influenza viruses are adapting to their hosts and combining with other flu strains (which are innate to wild bird populations and other domestic animals) to create new strains of canine influenza virus.

Currently, there is no documentation of dog-to-human spread of H3N8, H3N2 or H5N2.

H3N8 is the type of influenza that is endemic to horses in the United States, and these horses are the original source of the type of H3N8 influenza we now see in dogs. There are no documented cases of H3N8 being transmitted from horses to humans.

In studies done in China, the H3N2 strain of canine influenza has been shown to infect cats, but it is not yet clear how likely this is under normal household circumstances.  We do encourage pet owners with sick animals to be diligent about washing their hands, as well as their pet’s bedding, bowls, toys, etc.


What dogs are at risk of contracting canine influenza? Will my dog get sick if it is exposed to the virus?

All dogs are at risk of contracting canine influenza, because dogs do not have a native immunity to influenza.  H3N8 was first documented in dogs in North America in 1999. The first cluster of H3N2 cases in North America was documented this year, with the 2015 outbreak in the Chicago area.

Current evidence suggests that at least 80% of healthy adult dogs exposed will contract the flu. The incubation period for the onset of clinical signs is 2 to 4 days after exposure, however, dogs are shedding contagious virus during this incubation period. About 25% of dogs exposed to the disease will never show clinical signs of the virus, but they may still shed the virus.

The dogs most at-risk of serious illness and/or other complications from the infection are the very old, the very young, or those that have been previously unhealthy or have a chronic condition (e.g., those dogs undergoing treatment for cancer, or that have diseases that suppress the immune system, or that require immune-suppressive medications such as prednisone for chronic conditions, etc.).


How does canine influenza spread?

Like other respiratory illnesses, canine influenza spreads through respiratory secretions — droplets of mucus, from sneezing or coughing, that cling to both the air and surfaces.  The virus does not live long in the environment, and it can be easily killed by common disinfectants. Canine influenza lives up to two days on surfaces in a climate-controlled environment, a shorter time outside in the sun and heat, and it may survive up to a day on unwashed skin.

Just like when people contract the flu, pet owners with sick dogs should be diligent about washing their pet’s bedding, toys, food and water bowls, and other surfaces that may come into contact with your animal.

You can disinfect bedding and other items by washing them in common disinfectants, including bleach and quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs or Quats). Most Lysol products have benzalkonium chloride as an active ingredient, which is a QAC. There are also commercial or hospital versions of these products, which contain higher concentrations of these compounds.


What are the typical symptoms for canine influenza?

As noted above, the majority of dogs will show clinical signs of the disease within 2 to 4 days after exposure to it, and these dogs will shed virus during the incubation phase of the illness. About 25% of exposed dogs will not show clinical signs, but they can shed the virus, meaning they can infect other dogs.

The typical clinical signs are fever, coughing, sneezing and malaise, which are indistinguishable from more classic causes of canine infectious tracheobronchitis, also known as “kennel cough” or ITB.

Things to watch for that may point to canine influenza include a rapid spread of infection through a population of otherwise healthy and/or vaccinated adult dogs, and potentially higher rates of fever.


If my dog contracts canine influenza, how is the disease likely to progress?

Most dogs will recover within 2 to 3 weeks after the onset of clinical signs of the illness. In most cases, the illness will resolve without treatment, though some dogs will need supportive care (e.g., fluids or therapeutics as prescribed by a veterinarian).

Very old dogs, very young dogs, and dogs that have been recently unhealthy or that are under treatment for chronic disease are the dogs at greatest risk of complications from canine influenza.  The most dangerous complication would be pneumonia.


Can my dog die from canine influenza?

The majority of dogs that contract the disease will recover from it, but a small percentage will die from canine influenza.

Current available data suggests that 1 to 5% of dogs that contract H3N8 will die from the disease or from complications that arise from the disease.

While the recent Chicago outbreak garnered a lot of media attention, there is no evidence that the H3N2 strain responsible for this outbreak is more severe than the H3N8 strain that has circulated in North America since 1999. If popular press reports about the 2015 Chicago outbreak are accurate, more than 1500 dogs were diagnosed with H3N2, and 6 deaths were reported, which would equal a mortality rate of 0.4%.


How do I protect my dog? Should my dog be vaccinated for canine influenza, and if it is, will the vaccination protect against H3N8 and H3N2?

There is an approved vaccine that has been available since 2009 (Nobivac® Canine Flu H3N8, Merck Animal Health) for protection against the H3N8 strain, which is given as a two-dose initial series with an annual booster.

Currently, this vaccine is considered a non-core vaccine for dogs, and is recommended for dogs that travel, board (day boarding or long-term boarding), show or are regularly exposed to new dogs.

In our opinion, the risk factors for Bordetella infection and canine influenza are the same in any region of North America. It only takes a single infected dog to bring the virus into a new area, and most dogs are asymptomatic, while still shedding the virus, for a period of time during the infection.

For more information about the vaccine, or whether your dog should be vaccinated, contact your veterinarian.


Are the other animals in my house at risk? What if I have birds for pets?

The H3N2 strain of canine influenza has been shown to infect cats in studies conducted in China, but it is not yet clear how likely this is under normal household circumstances.  We do encourage pet owners with sick animals to be diligent about washing their hands, as well as their pet’s bedding, bowls, toys, etc.

Various species of wild birds are permissive hosts of many strains of flu, meaning that they can harbor more than one strain of flu and allow antigenic shift to occur.  Oftentimes, the birds themselves do not exhibit signs of the flu that they are carrying. H3N8 has not been known to infect poultry or other birds and it is also unknown if the new canine-adapted strain H3N2 can infect pet birds.

Where can I send my veterinarian for more information about canine influenza in Georgia?

The UGA Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories in Athens and Tifton are the official veterinary diagnostic labs for the state of Georgia and are closely following the H3N2 outbreak in the Midwest as well as canine influenza infections in Georgia and the surrounding states. All updates on reported cases as well as information for veterinarians can be found at×0.

The DLABs recommend a Canine Respiratory PCR Panel to confirm suspicious cases. For information on cost, turn-around time, and samples to collect for testing, veterinarians can refer to×0 or call 706-542-5568.

Veterinarians who want to request a consultation with the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Small Animal Internal Medicine service should complete our online consultation request form ( or call 800-861-7456 for more information.


Where can I go for more information?

For more information about canine influenza virus, the vaccine, or whether your dog should be vaccinated, contact your veterinarian.  If you believe you have a dog that may have become infected with canine influenza virus, contact your veterinarian.

You may also find information on the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website at

Meet Chloe and Cooper

Chloe and Cooper are bother and sister Golden Retrievers that love going on walks around their neighborhood!

Cooper Fredrickson

Cooper smiling after a walk

Chloe Fredrickson

Chloe is a very sweet girl!

Meet Buzz!

Buzz is a very sweet pit/lab/who knows what mix and his markings are so cool!  He has brindle markings, but with blonde hair as the base – so beautiful! He is definitively a gentle giant and loves to go on walks with his family :)

Buzz Ahmuty

Meet Pica and Diego!

Pica and Diego are sweet kitties that could not be more different! Pica is reserved and very independent, while Diego thinks he is a puppy and just wants attention all the time.  They were so much fun to take care of!

Pica LinkerPica enjoying some dinner :)

Diego Linker

 It was really hard to get far enough away from Diego to snap a picture!

Meet Monday and Sugar

Meet our newest kitty clients Monday and Sugar!  Monday is very outgoing and loves attention, while Sugar is a little more reserved and takes a day or two to warm up to new people.  I had so much fun getting to know them!

Monday Seitz

Monday is such a sweet boy

Sugar Seitz

Sugar was a little harder to get a picture of :)

Meet Elliott and Kaia!

These two doggies have no clue that they are both seniors!  Elliott is a cocker spaniel that still has a puppy face and loves getting his belly rubbed.  Kaia is a husky/lab mix with the most beautiful eyes – one blue and one brown!

Elliot Spivey

E waiting for me to give him dinner….he LOVES to eat!

Kaia Spivey

Can’t get enough of those eyes!

Meet Stella!

Meet Stella!  She is a beautiful lab cross that loves going on long walks and sniffing everything she can.  She is one of the most well mannered dogs I have met! What a joy to be around :)

Stella Carrato

Meet Misty and Otis

Meet Misty and Otis!  They are two adorable rescues that are now living the good life on the beach with their family.  Misty is a beautiful Aussie that has endless energy :)  Otis is a husky mix that just loves getting his belly rubbed.

Misty Vane

Misty enjoying a sunny walk!

Otis Vane

Otis is such a sweetie :)

Happy National Puppy Day!

Did you know that today is National Puppy Day?!? We sure did because puppies are our specialty!

We offer a complementary puppy program to all of our dog walking clients that includes:

  • In home training during our visits (including but not limited to sit, down, stay, wait, heel, drop it, leave it, walking politely on a leash)
  • Referrals to vets, trainers, and other pet professionals in the area that we know and trust
  • An informational packet including tips on training, house breaking, and nutrition
  • 24/7 support on all of your puppy-related questions

Please call us today at (843)817-DOGS(3647) for more information!

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Meet Mosby, Bailey, Levi, and Alfie!

Meet our newest crew of cats!  They are all rescues but are now living the good life :)  They are all sweet and very friendly.

Mosby Landsberg

Mosby is very curious and always first in line for food

Bailey Landsberg

Bailey is a little older and on the sky side, but she still let me give her lots of attention :)

Levi Landsberg

Levi loves to be the center of attention!

Alfie Landsberg

Alfie has the most beautiful markings :)

Meet Chief!

Chief is a beautiful black German Shepard that has tons of energy!  He is a little out of shape, but is slowly getting back in shape (and losing weight!) week by week.  He loves going on walks and is the total sweetheart.

Chief Holland


Meet Rudy!

Meet Rudy!! He is a sweet little miniature Goldendoodle and we had so much fun last week on our walks!  He is learning how to be a well mannered, polite puppy and he is really coming along!

Rudy Heine

How can you not love that face??

Meet Penny and Pouncer!

Penny and Pouncer are two adorable little kitties that just joined the See Sam Sit family!  Pouncer is very outgoing and loves getting attention, while Penny is a little more reserved and likes to get to know you before letting you in :)

Pouncer and Penny Gergen

These cats love to eat!

Pouncer Gergen

Pouncer says MEOW

Meet Chase!

Meet our newest client. Chase!  She is a total love bug who loves going on walks, eating bones, and watching the world go by from her porch :)

Chase Van Shura

Meet Bella!

Bella is an adorable little miniature beagle who loves to play and get her belly rubbed!

Bella Mordy

Meet Rajah!

Rajah is an adorable little tabby with LOTS of personality.  She loves getting attention and running all around the house :)  What a cutie!


Rajah Lentz

Meet Yoshi!

This is Yoshi!  He is a beautiful kitty with a great personality :)  He loves playing with and chasing his toys, especially his laser pointer.

Yoshi Duncan

Meet Libby!

Meet Libby!  She is our newest dog walking client and she LOVES going on her walks :)  She also lives with two adorable kitties that love her!

Libby Padula

Shes is telling me to hurry up with the treats!

Meet Mayday!

Mayday is a sweet little lab mix that loves going on long walks around the neighborhood!

Mayday McSweeny

Meet Zeus!

Meet the newest member of our family. Zeus!  He is a beautiful Catahoula that loves getting attention from people.

Zeus Orum

Meet Sadie and Joe

Sadie and Joe are two adorable little terriers who love going on their daily walks :)

Sadie Gale

Sadie is a sassy little lady!

Jow Gale

Joe is too cute :)

Dangerous Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid Feeding You Pets

It’s almost that time of year again… Thanksgiving!  We want your day to be full of fun times spent with family and friends, and not filled with a trip to the emergency vet.  Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is a time that many dogs get sick from ingesting “human” food that they shouldn’t be eating.

Here is a list of food to avoid feeding your dogs:

  1. Turkey Skin is very high in fat, and is usually covered with butter and other seasonings that are very hard for your dog’s to digest.
  2. Cooked Bones are extremely dangerous to let your dog’s eat because they can splinter and tear their digestive tracts.  Please be sure to keep all bones out of reach!
  3. Onions and Garlic are toxic for your dogs and can cause damage to their red blood cells.  They are toxic both cooked and uncooked, so be careful!
  4. Nuts, particularly walnuts and macadamia nuts can cause symptoms such as vomiting, fever, and elevated heart rate.
  5. Nutmeg is extremely toxic to dogs and can cause seizures.  If your dog ingests anything with nutmeg (such as pumpkin pie or sweet potatoes), take them to the vet immediately.
  6. Chocolate is very toxic and is found in a lot of desserts.  Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea.
  7. Raw Dough and Batter can rise (because of the yeast growing) in your dogs stomach if ingested and cause extreme pain and discomfort.


I hope you and your family have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


Meet Simba and Thor!

Simba and Thor are our newest clients and they are SO MUCH FUN!  I just love puppies :)  They are two beautiful Golden Retriever brothers that give a whole new meaning to double trouble.  They are taking advantage of our puppy program and making great progress with their training.  I love watching them grow up.

Simba Szatkowski

Who can resist Simba’s sweet face?

Thor Szatkowski

Thor has such a pretty smile!

Meet Teddy!

Teddy is an adorable and energetic young Aussie who LOVES going on long walks around his neighborhood.  He is extremely intelligent and loves to play games and practice his commands too!

Teddy Hawes

He is so relaxed after our long walk :)


Meet Ezra and Quincy!

Meet our newest clients, Quincy and Ezra!  They have lots of personality.  Ezra is a sweet little Bulldog that always wants attention (and who can resist!).  Quincy is a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog who lovers going on his morning walks :)

Ezra Winn

Ezra enjoying some sun in the yard

Quincy Winn

Quincy is such a cutie!

Meet Rosie and Ruby!

Meet our newest clients, Rosie and Ruby!  These girls are beautiful American Bulldogs and they have such sweet personalities.  They love playing around in the yard and getting lots of belly rubs.


Rosie Henzy

Sweet Rosie :)

Ruby Henzy

Ruby waiting for a treat!

Meet Atticus!

Atticus is a beautiful German Shepard with lots of personality.  His two favorite things are going on walks and playing ball in the back yard :)


Atticus Reuschling

I love the spots on his tongue!

Meet Woody and Sammi!

These two munchkins LOVE playing at the dog park near their house :)  Sammi is a cavichon and Woody is an adorable little shih tzu.

Sammi Perrin

Sammi waiting for his dinner :)

Woody Perrin

Look at Woody’s sweet face!

Meet Cora and Tucker!

Cora and Tucker were visiting Charleston for their parent’s wedding, and we had a blast!  They are two very care-free dogs that love to run around and play in the yard.  They are both cute lab mixes.

Cora and Tucker Hunter

Cora (left) and Tucker (right) right after they finished dinner.  So sweet!

Meet Josie!

Josie is a sweet, senior lady who loves going out on long strolls and sniffing everything :)


Josie Evans

 Someone is worn out after our walk!

Meet Blanca

Blanca is sweet kitty who LOVES being brushed and hanging out on her porch :)

Blanca Lambert

Dog Walking Video!

We made a little video for you to see what a day is like here at See Sam Sit :)  Thank you so all of  our clients who let their dogs star  in this little film.


Click the link below:


Dog Walking Video



We are hiring!!

See Sam Sit is looking for reliable animal lovers for our growing company!  We take care of pet in their own home, offering pet sitting and dog walking.  See Sam Sit covers the following areas: Mt. Pleasant, downtown Charleston, Isle of Palms, Sullivans Island, and Daniel Island.  If you fit the following criteria, we would love to hear from you!

1.)     You must love all types of pets!  We work with dogs, cats, fish, birds, hamsters, etc.  We need you to have a true passion for animals and enjoy working with them daily.

2.)    You must have reliable transportation and a clean driving record.  You will be driving to all of your appointments.

3.)    You must be dependable and trustworthy!  Our clients need to know that you will be at your appointment on time and that you will take care of their pets exactly how they expect you to.  No exceptions or excuses.  We also run a background check on all of our employees.

4.)    You must be available nights, weekends, and ALL major holidays.  We are extremely busy on holidays and that is when we need the most help.  If this is a problem, please do not apply.

5.)    You must communicate well and have a cell phone with voicemail and email.  Our clients communicate through phone calls, texts, and emails on a daily basis and we will need you to communicate with them (and with us!) in a professional manner.

6.)    You must be willing to work in the areas that we cover.  Please see above for the list of areas we cover.

7.)    You must be in good health and be physically able to walk a large, strong dog for as long as an hour at a time.

8.)    You must be willing to have a flexible schedule and not need this money to live on.  Currently, this position is being offered part time and we cannot guarantee a set number of hours every week.  As we grow as a company and obtain more clients, we will be able to offer more hours.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email your resume to Samantha at  Once we receive your resume, an application will be emailed to you.

Please visit for any additional information

Meet Sam and Koda!

I just LOVE this pair!  Sam (who obviously has the best name ever) is a beautiful Blue Tick Coonhound, and his sister Koda is an extremely friendly Akita.  They are both total sweethearts, and they have the best tricks.  My favorite is “circle.”

Sam for dog walker and pet sitter See Sam Sit, premier dog walking and pet sitting company in Charleston, SC offering dog walking, dog running, in home pet sitting, pet taxi, puppy program, pet sitting, overnight visits serving Mount Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, downtown Charleston, and Daniel Island for pets, dogs, cats, horses, small pets, fish

Sam enjoying a beautiful day in the back yard

Koda redit Card Payments Accepted for dog walker and pet sitter See Sam Sit, premier dog walking and pet sitting company in Charleston, SC offering dog walking, dog running, in home pet sitting, pet taxi, puppy program, pet sitting, overnight visits serving Mount Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, downtown Charleston, and Daniel Island for pets, dogs, cats, horses, small pets, fish

Koda, aka my soul sister, is so pretty!

Koda redit Card Payments Accepted for dog walker and pet sitter See Sam Sit, premier dog walking and pet sitting company in Charleston, SC offering dog walking, dog running, in home pet sitting, pet taxi, puppy program, pet sitting, overnight visits serving Mount Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, downtown Charleston, and Daniel Island for pets, dogs, cats, horses, small pets, fish

How cute are they??


Meet Callie!

Callie is the most energetic, snuggle – loving little Beagle I have ever met!! Her favorite thing in the whole world is getting belly rubs and lots of attention.  She never stops moving.

redit Card Payments Accepted for dog walker and pet sitter See Sam Sit, premier dog walking and pet sitting company in Charleston, SC offering dog walking, dog running, in home pet sitting, pet taxi, puppy program, pet sitting, overnight visits serving Mount Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, downtown Charleston, and Daniel Island for pets, dogs, cats, horses, small pets, fish


I was so excited to get a shot of Callie when she wasn’t moving!  What a sweet girl :)

We are now accepting credit cards!

We are so excited to announce that we are now accepting credit card payments!  Of course, we will still happily accept payments of cash or checks, but we hope this is helpful to those clients who have been asking for this option.

If you would like to pay with a credit card, simply click on the “payments” page on my website ( and click the “pay now” button.  This will redirect you to a secure web page, hosted by wells fargo, where you can enter in your credit card information.

You can also call me directly and give me your credit card information over the phone if you prefer.


Please let me know if you have any questions!

Meet Pip!

Pip is a sweet little hound  mix that was recently rescued  by her mom.  She is adjusting to her new life really well and she is very easy to train!

New Clients for dog walker and pet sitter See Sam Sit, premier dog walking and pet sitting company in Charleston, SC offering dog walking, dog running, in home pet sitting, pet taxi, puppy program, pet sitting, overnight visits serving Mount Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, downtown Charleston, and Daniel Island for pets, dogs, cats, horses, small pets, fish


Pip New Clients for dog walker and pet sitter See Sam Sit, premier dog walking and pet sitting company in Charleston, SC offering dog walking, dog running, in home pet sitting, pet taxi, puppy program, pet sitting, overnight visits serving Mount Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, downtown Charleston, and Daniel Island for pets, dogs, cats, horses, small pets, fish


Pip with her BFF , the kitty :)

Meet Bismarck and Grizzly!

These two, who I have named “the munchkins,” are quite the pair!  Grizzly is the sassy one that loves to get her belly rubs and Bismarck is the silly one who loves his treats.

New Clients for dog walker and pet sitter See Sam Sit, premier dog walking and pet sitting company in Charleston, SC offering dog walking, dog running, in home pet sitting, pet taxi, puppy program, pet sitting, overnight visits serving Mount Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, downtown Charleston, and Daniel Island for pets, dogs, cats, horses, small pets, fish

His ears are my favorite thing ever!

New Clients for dog walker and pet sitter See Sam Sit, premier dog walking and pet sitting company in Charleston, SC offering dog walking, dog running, in home pet sitting, pet taxi, puppy program, pet sitting, overnight visits serving Mount Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, downtown Charleston, and Daniel Island for pets, dogs, cats, horses, small pets, fish

Grizzly is so fluffy and cute!

Meet Bella!

Meet Miss Bella!  She is a funny little Hound/Beagle/Shepard mix with LOTS of personality.  She absolutely loves running around in the backyard and getting belly rubs.

Recognizing and Preventing Heat Stroke

The weather in Charleston has been insanely hot this week!  It is important to keep in mind that these high temperatures can be very dangerous for your dogs.  High temperatures can cause heat stroke, and early detection is important to keep your dog safe.

What is heatstroke?

Heatstroke occurs when your dog’s body is unable to cool itself efficiently enough to keep it’s temperature within a normal range.  Dogs cannot tolerate high temperatures and humidity like humans can because dogs do not sweat (except for on the pads of their feet, but this provides very minimal cooling).  Dogs cool themselves by panting, but sometimes this is not enough.

What are the signs of a heatstroke?

  • Excessive panting
  • Increased heart rate
  • Thick, sticky saliva
  • Bright red or pale gums (refill longer than 2 seconds)
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Depression

What should you do?

If left untreated, severe heat stroke can lead to shock, coma, cardiac arrest, and death.  If you think your dog may be suffering from a heat stroke, immediately remove your dog from the heat and take the dog somewhere cool.  Place cool, wet towels over your dog’s entire body or hose them off with cool water.  Be sure not to use extremely cold water or towels.  Cooling your dog too quickly can cause even more damage.  You can also use a fan to create cool are movement around your dog.  Check your dogs temperature every 5 minutes.  Once the temperature reaches 103 degrees F, stop all cooling measures and allow your dog to cool himself from there.  Make sure your dog is dry and covered so he does not lose any more heat.  Give your dog access to cool (not cold!) drinking water, but do not force him to drink.  Even if your dog appears to be recovering, take him to be examined by your veterinarian to make sure there is no damage and your dog is not dehydrated.

How can you prevent a heat stroke?

  • Provide fresh, cool drinking water at all times.
  • Keep your pets in the shade or inside in the air conditioning.
  • Know your dog’s fitness level.  Dogs who are out of shape, obese, or elderly are much for susceptible to getting a heat stroke.
  • NEVER leave your dog in the car if it is above 65 degrees F, even if you crack the windows!
  • Do not muzzle your dog.  This prevents him from being able to pant.
  • Avoid places like the beach, asphalt, and concrete that reflect heat and do not provide shade.
  • Give your dog a cool place to lie down.  You can freeze water bottles or ice packs and lay a towel over them to provide a cool “mat” for your dog to lay on.  You can also try cooling mat products such as this:
  • Hose your dog off with cool (not cold) water or allow them to swim in cool water (only in a controlled environment).

Please be careful out there!

Upcoming Events

Looking for something fun to do with your dog this weekend?  Check out Pups, Yups, and Food Trucks this Saturday at the Palmetto Island County Park.

Here is the info from the Charleston Country Park and Recreation Commission:

Pups, Yups, & Food Trucks
Reward yourself and your pooch after a long day at the office! Bring your favorite furry friend to enjoy live music, cold beverages, and food truck fare at Palmetto Islands County Park.
  • $1 per person park admission or free for Gold Pass Members
  • Beverages available for purchase on-site.
  • ID is required to purchase alcohol.
  • Outside food, alcohol, and coolers are prohibited.
  • Dogs must remain leashed.


2014 Dates           Time                    Food Trucks Band
July 24 5:00 – 8:00pm Korki’s Kafe The Bill Show
August 21 5:00 – sunset Refueler’s Mobile Café Katina Rose
September 25 5:00 – sunset Korki’s Kafe Soul Fish Duo
October 23 5:00 – sunset Charleston Choo Dallas Baker & His Bluegrass Friends

For more information, visit

Meet Murphy and Maddux!

Maddux and Murphy are two spunky little Cavaliers that love playing out in the yard and wrestling with each other :)



Maddux enjoying some time in the yard

Murphy waiting for a treat :)






Meet Luna!

Meet Miss Luna!  She is a very smart little Australian Shepard puppy that is taking advantage of our puppy program.  She is working on all the basics and learning how to be a well behaved dog :)

Luna loves walking on her leash!

Hurricane Plan for Pets

Here in the lowcountry, we are no strangers to hurricane threats.  It is important to have a plan in place before disaster hits.

One of the most important things to do before disaster strikes is the have your pet micro chipped and have all of your current information on the microchip.  If you are unsure whether or not your pet is chipped and if your information on the chip is correct, take your pet by your veterinarian’s office and have them scan your pet for you. You should also have a collar with current ID tags on your pet.

Another important thing to do is to make arrangements to stay with pet-friendly relatives or friends in case of an evacuation.  The last thing you want to be doing in an emergency situation is scrambling to find somewhere that can take in both you and your pets.

Lastly, you should prepare a bag or box of emergency supplies that you can easily access and bring with you if you need to leave quickly.  Here is a list of things that you should have in your emergency bag:

  • Kennel or Crate
  • Leash and Collar with ID Tags
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Heath Records (some places require these before they let in your pet)
  • Photos of Pets (in case they are lost)
  • Towels
  • Garbage Bags
  • Water
  • Dry Food (enough for 5 – 7 days)
  • Medications
  • Litterbox (if you have a cat)




What should you do if you are walking you dog and you are approached by an unleashed dog?

Taking your dog out for a walk  is supposed to be a fun, relaxing experience for you and your dog.  Usually, this is the case.  However, sometimes things happen that are out of your control and you must know how to react to them in ensure your and your pet’s safety.  As dog walkers, we often see the situation arise where an unleashed dog approaches us while we are walking a dog on a leash.  What should you do in this situation?  Consider these suggestions:

  • Remain calm.  This is the most important thing you have to do in this situation.  If you react or become fearful, your dog will sense it and go on high alert.
  • Body Block  Use your body to put space in between you and the approaching dog.  Put your hands on your hips and stand up straight.  This will make you look larger to the approaching dog.  As the unleashed dog approaches you and tries to move around to get closer to your dog, keep yourself in between the two dogs.
  • Redirect  Do anything you can to get the unleashed dog to stop heading straight towards your dog.  You can try yelling “SIT” or throwing treats towards to approaching dog to get them distracted.
  •  Loud Noises  You can carry a stick, an air horn, a bag on change, a whistle, or anything else that will make a loud noise.  Use this to distract the dog as it is coming near you and your leashed dog.  Often, a loud noise will distract the dog enough to make them stop what they are doing long enough for their owners to come and get them.
  • Sprays  You can carry citronella spray or a spray bottle of water and spray it at the approaching unleashed dog.  I do not recommend using pepper spray because it can hurt the approaching dog, and if the wind blows it can spray back in your face!
  • Pick up your dog  If your dog is small enough, you can always pick up the dog until the owner of the unleashed dog comes to retrieve their dog.

Remember, always stay calm and do not tighten up your grip on your dogs leash.  If you stay calm and confident, your dog will not become fearful about the situation.

Happy Walking!

New Puppy Checklist

Thinking about getting a new puppy for you and your family?  This is a very exciting time and there are so many important things for you to remember.  It is very important to remember that puppies require stability and consistency to thrive.  If you have a busy work schedule, are getting an active puppy breed, or are simply looking for some knowledgeable help please consider signing up for See Sam Sit’s free puppy program!  I have also assembled a list of most of the things you should have at your home BEFORE you bring your new puppy home:

  1. Crate.  A crate is an important tool to have for your puppy.  It will serve as a safe place for your puppy as well as help housebreak them.  The crate should be just big enough for your puppy to stand up in and turn around in.  You will most likely need a couple different sized crates as your puppy grows.  For large breed dogs that grow rapidly, I suggest buying a large crate that has a divider in it.  These crates are wonderful because you can keep them small and increase their size as your puppy grows.
  2. Toys.  Your puppy will need plenty of durable, size appropriate toys  to keep him entertained through his teething phase.  I also suggest getting several toys that can be filled with treats or peanut butter (  It is important to have several toys to keep your new puppy interested in chewing on his toys instead of your stuff!
  3. Collar and Leash.  You will need a flat collar that fits properly.  A collar that fits properly is tight enough so that you puppy cannot slip out of it, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable or restricts breathing.  I would suggest buying a collar that fits your puppy properly on the tightest hole to give you some growing room.  You will also need a 6 foot leash.  Please do not buy a retractable leash!! They are very dangerous.  A 6 foot leash is the perfect size to use to train your puppy to properly walk on a leash.
  4. Food and Water Bowls.  You will need a food bowl and at least one water bowl.  I suggest getting stainless steel bowls with a nonstick grip on the bottom.  They are more sanitary and easier to clean than plastic bowls.  Plus, your puppy won’t be tempted to chew on a stainless steel bowl :)
  5. Treats.  You will be doing a LOT of training in the next couple of months with your new puppy, so you will need a lot of treats.   Be sure to get very small, bite sized treats.  I also recommend getting a couple different brands and flavors to see what your puppy likes best.  I also recommend  getting dried chicken liver treats for special occasions.  I have never met a dog that does not love these treats and they are great to have on hand for those hard to train moments.
  6. High Quality Food.  Always buy the best quality food you can afford.  When looking at the ingredient label, there are a couple things to look for: the first ingredient should always be meat, the meat ingredients should always be named and not written as “meat product” or “poultry”, and never buy any food that has by-products or by-product meal in it.

Meet Sadie!

Sadie is a beautiful golden retriever and has TONS of energy!  She absolutely loves getting attention and going for long runs on the beach :)

Pet Travel Safety Tips


Now that school is out and most people are taking a couple vacations here and there, lots of you are considering taking your pets on your trip with you.  Most of you also take your pets on short car trips to the vet, the park, and the beaches around the area.  Please keep to following tips  in mind the next time you take your pooch on a car trip with you!

  1. Put a leash and/or harness on your dog before you leave the car.  Most dogs get pretty excited during a car ride and have a tendency to want to run out of the car when you open the door.  If this happens, your dog could get injured by a moving car or get lost in a strange environment.  Make sure your leash is secure on your dog and you have current identification tags on them before you leave the vehicle.
  2. Keep all paws, legs, and heads inside the vehicle at all times.  We all know that some dogs LOVE hanging their head out the window on a long drive, but this can be very dangerous.  Your dog can get hit by another vehicle, get hit by debris, or even be tempted to jump out of the window while the vehicle is moving.
  3. Keep your pets out of the front seat.  Having your dog in the front seat or in your lap is extremely distracting and unsafe.  Keep your pet either in the back seat or the cargo area in the back if you have an SUV.  If you have a dog that likes to be in the front seat  and you have trouble keeping them in the back, there are a couple products you can try:
    • Barrier that keeps dogs in the back (
    • Hammock (
    • A clip to attach a leash to the back seat (
    • A harness that clips onto the back seat (
  4. Keep your dog hydrated.  Make sure your pets have access to plenty of drinking water while you are in the car of make frequent stops to offer your dog water.  There are lots of options for travel bowls such as or
  5. Never leave your dog in the car unattended.  It goes without saying that in the heat a car can be dangerous and even deadly.  Even with the windows cracked, your car can rapidly heat up and hurt your dog.


Meet Ping and Neeko!

Ping and Neeko are two adorable little pugs.  Ping is a puppy and has TONS of energy, while his big brother Neeko is much more mellow and loves hanging out on the couch and getting belly rubs.

Ping (in the front) is VERY excited about going on his walk, while

Neeko (in the back) is not as thrilled :)

Meet Millie and Sandy!

Millie and Sandy are the newest members on the See Sam Sit family!  They are so sweet and love going on walks around the neighborhood :)

Millie is an adorable little Maltipoo (Maltese x Poodle)

Sandy is a sweet Golden Retriever who is definetely a “velcro” dog – she loves being

by your side!  This is as far away as I could get for the picture :)

Heat Safety Tips For Your Pets

Well it is officially summer and the  temperatures sure are heating up around the lowcountry!  Here are a couple tips in mind to keep your pets safe during our hot summer months ahead:

  • Never leave your dog, cat, or any other animal inside a parked car.  Even if you crack the windows!! If you have the run errands, please leave your pet at  home.  Or better yet, call us and we will take care of your dog for you!
  • If you take your dog outside to play, be sure to provide plenty of fresh drinking water.  Also, take plenty of breaks and find a shady spot for your dog to cool off in.
  • If you want to take your dog out on a walk, take them either early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperatures (and the pavement) are cooler and more comfortable for your four-legged friend.
  • Be mindful of your dog’s  stamina and limit exercise.  Your dog will keep going long after they should stop, unless you make them.  It is much better to take lots of breaks and get less exercise than to overheat your dog and potentially cause a heat stroke.
  • Do NOT shave your dog is they have a double coat.  The thick fur on these types of coats actually helps cool your dog’s body during warm weather.

Stay cool!!

Meet Big Steve!

Big Steve is an adorable (and huge!) English Mastiff.  He loves going on walks around the neighborhood and playing in the backyard.  He also has no idea how big he is, and likes the sit in your lap :)  He is so cute I had to put up two pictures!

LOVE this face :)

Steve playing in the yard.  How can you not love him??

July 4th Safety Tips for Pets

The 4th of July can be one of the most dangerous and stressful days for your pets.  However, you can lower your pet’s chances of getting lost of hurt by following these simple tips:

1.) Lock all of your doors and gates to your house and yard.  Keeping your pets locked inside is the best way to keep them away from danger.

2.) Be sure that all of your pets have on collars with current ID tags and that they are micro-chipped.  Make sure your pets collars are on securely and tightly so that they cannot easily slip off if they escape.  Also, be sure that all of your information on your pet’s microchip is current.

3.)  Leave a radio or TV on during the evening to help drown out the noise from fireworks and parties going on outside.  Background noise will help your pets not be so frightened by the loud noises.

4.)  Leave your pets in a secure and dog-proof room with plenty of toys and activities for them.  Dogs sometimes chew when they are stressed, so be sure there is not anything laying around that you don’t want them to get into.

5.)  Do not take your dog to any fireworks displays or any outdoor places where fireworks will be going off.  Dogs have especially sensitive ears and fireworks are scary for them.


If your pet is sensitive to fireworks or you know that they will be stressed, consider giving them an over the counter calming remedy (see your local pet store and they will have a good selection) or using a thunder shirt (


I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!




Beach Safety Tips!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Since we are officially enjoying the summer months now, I would like to remind everyone of some safety tips to follow when you take your dogs to the beach.  We are so fortunate to have the beach so close, and it is great exercise for your dog!  Please take note of the following information (provided  by the AKC)  before taking your dog to the beach:

  1. Provide plenty of fresh water and shade for your dog.
  2. Limit exposure to the sun and when it is strong, use sunblock on ears and nose 30 minutes before going outside.  Dogs can get sunburn, especially short-haired and ones with pink skin and white hair.
  3. Check with a lifeguard for daily water conditions – dogs are easy targets for jellyfish and sea lice.
  4. If your dog is out of shape, don’t encourage him to run in the sand.  Running on a beach is strenuous exercise, and a dog that is out of shape can easily pull a tendon or ligament.
  5. Cool ocean water is tempting to your dog.  Do not allow him to drink too much seawater as the salt will make him sick.
  6. Salt and other materials found in the ocean can damage a dogs coat.  So, when you are ready to leave for the day, rinse him off with fresh water.
  7. Not all beaches permit dogs.  Check local ordinances before you begin your excursion to the beach.


Below I have listed some of the rules and regulations for the beaches in our area:

Sullivans Island

All dogs must have a permit to go on the beach.  The application for the permit can be found at

and you must go to the town hall on Sullivans to obtain the tag for the permit.

The rules for when dogs are allowed on the beach (from May 1st through September 30th) are:

5:00 – 10:00am : dog are allowed off leash

10:00am – 6:00pm: no dogs allowed on the beach

6:00pm – 5am: dogs are allowed on leash


Isle of Palms

The rules for when dogs are allowed on the beach (from April 1st through September 14th) are:

5:00 – 8:00am: dogs are allowed off leash

all other times: dog are allowed on leash


I would also like to remind you that See Sam Sit offers a pet taxi service and we can take your dog to the beach for you!  Please contact us if you are interested in a trip to the beach :)

Meet Peach and Roy!

Meet Roy and Peach!  They also have a sister Jenny but I can’t find the picture I took…

Roy is an adorable 1 year old Springer Spaniel.  His favorite thing to do is chase his tennis ball down the beach!

Miss Peach is a sweet Cavalier that loves relaxing and getting belly rubs.

Meet Tyson!

Tyson is a sweet Boxer that loves hanging out on his mom’s bed, playing with his toys, and going on walks.

Meet Willie and Bernie!

Willie and Bernie and two little Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that have big personalities!

Bernie enjoying a little cuddle time

Willie waiting for a treat on the couch

Meet Zac and Zoe!

Meet Zac and Zoe!  They love going out on walks around the neighborhood :)

Zach out on his walk

Zoe giving us a sweet smile!

Meet Buddy!

Meet Buddy!  He is an older bischon that is also blind.  But, he doesn’t let that stop him!

Buddy on his favorite spot  on the couch

Meet Molly, Sadie, and Oliver!

Molly and Sadie are very cute little silky terriers and Oliver is their cat brother.

Meet Molly!

Meet Sadie!

Meet Oliver!

Meet Beasley!

Beasley is  an adorable puppy who is taking advantage of our puppy program!  He loves going on walks and learning new things like  how to sit, stay, and wait.

Meet Hooch!

Hooch is a sweet Boxer who loves to get his belly rubbed and eat lunch :)

Hoochy enjoying a walk around the lake!

Meet Sam!

Sam is an adorable miniature GoldenDoodle (a golden retriever mixed with a poodle).  He loves going to the park and walking along the battery downtown!

Pet Fest in Mt. Pleasant This Weekend!!

Looking for something fun to do with you family and dogs this weekend? Check out Pet Fest at Mount Pleasant Palmetto Islands County Park!!

Event date:

 Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 at 11:00am

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 at 11:00am

Our pets love us unconditionally – so why not give back to our best friends by bringing them out for some fun? Pets, their owners, and those in search of a pet are invited to join Charleston County Parks for a full weekend of exhibits, demonstrations, experts, entertainment, and more at Charleston’s premier pet festival, Pet Fest! Don’t miss out on Lowcountry Dog’s Annual Cover Model Contest!

The fun takes place on two days, Saturday, March 22 and Sunday, March 23, from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day at Mount Pleasant Palmetto Islands County Park. Pet Fest provides an opportunity for local pet organizations and businesses to showcase their causes, products and services in a fun, pet-friendly environment. Leashed pets are welcome with their owners! Or, come to the festival in search of your new best friend from local rescue groups, who will have adoptable animals on site. Admissions is $8.

What To Expect!

  • K-9′s In Flight frisbee dogs and dock diving
  • Rescue groups and adoption centers
  • Pet contests
  • Jump castles and slides for the kids
  • Tasty food and beverages
  • Swift Paws lure chasing – $10 donation
  • Live music from Return of the Mac on Sunday from 3-5pm
  • Food, beverages, and souvenirs will be available for purchase on-site.

Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate with your family, friends, and pets.  Below are a couple tips to keep your entire  family happy and safe through the holidays:


Cold Weather:

De-icing products, salt, and ice can irritate your pet’s paws.   Be sure to thoroughly wipe your dog’s paws when they come inside from a walk.  Also, be aware of any anti-freeze that your pets can gain asses to.  Anti-freeze is sweet and animals like the taste.

Holiday Decorations:

Keep  all holiday decorations out of reach of your pets.  Glass, ribbons, or metal can be harmful if ingested and lead to serious medical emergencies.

Holiday Plants:

Do not let your animals drink any water from your tree stand.  It can be very harmful.  Also, place any holiday plants high off the ground and out of reach.  Ivy, holly, mistletoe, poinsettia, and lillies are all toxic to animals  if ingested.

Holiday Parties:

Keep  a careful eye on your pets whenever you are hosting a party at your house.  Even the most friendly animals can become distressed by the noise and large amount of people.  Designate a quite, secure “pet room” away from the crowd for your pet to stay in.  Also, make sure your pet has a collar with current tags on and is microchipped.

Holiday Food and Table Scraps:

Fight the temptation to feed your pets table scraps.  The fatty holiday meats can cause gastrointestinal problems and the bones can cause choking.  Also, no chocolate for pets!  Be sure they cannot reach any of your stuffed stocklings!




*information from VPI pet insurance*



Meet Happy, Oscar, and Stache!

Meet Happy, Oscar, and Stache!

Happy is a sweet corgi who is the boss of the family :)

Oscar is a wild little corgi who LOVES treats!

Stache is a little terrier who has the best face!

One happy family :)

Meet Ruthie!

Meet Ruthie!  She is the sweetest little Chihuahua and she loves going out in the yard and sunbathing :)


Meet Sully! He is a rescue and is adjusting very well to his new home :)

Meet Roo

Meet Roo! He is a little Chihuahua that has a lot of personality! He is so sweet :)

Roo enjoying a little walk